North Bengal Bird Festival

With a rich diversity of birds and pristine habitats, North Bengal is an ideal region for the worlds of tourism and conservation to come together. 

Join us from the 4th to the 9th of March for the 2023 North Bengal Bird Festival, a perfect opportunity to take tourism and conservation to the next level! 

From networking opportunities to memorable field sessions, let's come together to make North Bengal a truly unique birdwatching destination!

North Bengal Bird Festival

Commander K B Singh

Commander K B Singh is a retired Indian naval officer who is known for his work in ornithology and bird conservation. After retiring from the Indian Navy, Commander Singh devoted himself to the study of birds, their habitats, and the threats they face. He has made significant contributions to the understanding of bird populations and their distribution in India and has played an important role in raising awareness about the importance of bird conservation. Commander Singh has also been involved in several bird conservation initiatives, including the development of bird-watching tours and the protection of critical bird habitats. He is regarded as one of the leading experts on the birds of India and is known for his passion for ornithology and conservation.

K B Singh

Sudeshna Dey

Sudeshna Dey a professional in Commercial Excellence for Field Sales Force and Digital Transformation for India and ASEAN teams, a University Gold Medalist in M.Sc. Environmental Studies and a Science Meritorious Scholarship holder for B.Sc. Hons. Zoology
Sudeshna Dey has acquired immense knowledge about birds, geography, climate, geology as added advantages of birding.She is an avid birdwatcher, loves traveling a lot and she has visited over 15 countries so far.
She has seen more than 1200 species in different countries of the world. Majority of them have been seen in India
She has seen almost 1100 and she is the youngest lady in India to do so.

She also a degree in Painting, and she is also trained in 5 forms of  Indian classical dances . She says her soul is an explorer, an adventurer and she has a major case of wanderlust!!

Sudeshna Dey
Avid Birdwatcher, 
Hyderabad (India)

Lester Perera 

Lester Perera 
Not a new entity to birding and wildlife tourism in Sri Lanka, for over four decades of 
enthusiasm and dedication his reputation goes beyond the shores of Sri Lanka. His professional
tour leading career, as a birder for over two decades in south Asia has taken him to many 
wildlife and birding destinations. He has led tours for many top wildlife tour companies and 
traversed the length and breadth of India for over two decades, as well as his home land 
Sri Lanka. Lester could be considered a fanatical birder and overall naturalist as well. 
He is possibly the most reputed bird artist in Sri Lanka as well, with over a dozen solo 
exhibitions in Sri Lanka and many of his works in private collections too.
A devout wildlife sound recordist, his collection exceeds 
over 450 recordings of rare and not so common bird species from all over India, Thailand, 
Andaman Islands and Taiwan as well. Some of his recordings of Indian birds are included in 
an e-Book of Helm Field Guides: Birds of the Indian Subcontinent (2012).
He is a member of the Rarities and Records Committee of the Ceylon Bird Club apart from being 
a member in many other nature societies and clubs. He has published his work and contributed to many journals and articles with his writing as 
well as his artwork.

Lester Perera 
Environmentalist, Birding Tour Organiser & Leader, Renowned Bird Artist

Ronit Dutta

Ronit Dutta is an Avid Birder with over 12 years of experience in the field of Bird watching. He has birded extensively across India. While he does love all birds he hold a keen interest in waders and wetland birds. He is also acquitted with the key sightings of the Long Billed Dowitcher in Bhandup Pumping Station in Mumbai and the Sighting of the Moustached Warbler and Rosy Pipit in Nandur Madhyameshwar Wildife Sanctuary both being a first for the State.

His love for birds has also taken to several places but he does hold a special place for his home state West Bengal where he does make his annual Visits to the areas of North Bengal. He is currently working full time at Confederation of Indian Industry and has a Masters in Economics and a Bachelors in Engineering.