Commander K B Singh

Commander K B Singh is a retired Indian naval officer who is known for his work in ornithology and bird conservation. After retiring from the Indian Navy, Commander Singh devoted himself to the study of birds, their habitats, and the threats they face. He has made significant contributions to the understanding of bird populations and their distribution in India and has played an important role in raising awareness about the importance of bird conservation. Commander Singh has also been involved in several bird conservation initiatives, including the development of bird-watching tours and the protection of critical bird habitats. He is regarded as one of the leading experts on the birds of India and is known for his passion for ornithology and conservation.

K B Singh

Mohammad Firoz Ahmed

M. Firoz Ahmed, has been associated with Aaranyak since 1994 as a volunteer and subsequently started managing conservation projects of Aaranyak in 1999. Dr. Ahmed has received several capacity building and professional training in conservation research and conservation project management. He is an avid researcher and has discovered several new species of amphibians including Orang Sticky Frog, Assamese Balloon Frog, Assamese Cascade Frog. His team works across the Eastern Himalaya and the Northeast India region on multiple groups of species and conservation livelihood interventions. Since 2000, he has developed, managed or co-managed over 70 conservation projects with significant contributions to biodiversity conservation in the NE India region. Currently, he is leading Manas Tiger Conservation Program that integrates Conservation Livelihoods, Education and Law Enforcement to secure tiger, prey animals and habitats through community participation. He also leads the Participatory Natural Resource Management Program at the Kaziranga-Karbi Anglong Landscape of Assam that focuses on conservation livelihoods and NRM by the indigenous Karbi community. He has been leading the Tiger Research Conservation Division of Aaranyak since 2007 and strengthening the conservation of Tigers, Prey Animals and Habitats in the region. Dr Ahmed has received awards and honors in recognition to his impactful contribution to conservation, viz. Sanctuary Wildlife Service Award 2006 and Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award 2010. He has published two field guides, technical reports and over forty scientific communications. Dr. Ahmed has been a member to the national level statutory conservation policy bodies like the Forest Advisory Committee and the National Tiger Conservation Authority of the Ministry of Environment and Forest Govt. of India.

Conservation expert Assam

Sudeshna Dey

Sudeshna Dey a professional in Commercial Excellence for Field Sales Force and Digital Transformation for India and ASEAN teams, a University Gold Medalist in M.Sc. Environmental Studies and a Science Meritorious Scholarship holder for B.Sc. Hons. Zoology
Sudeshna Dey has acquired immense knowledge about birds, geography, climate, geology as added advantages of birding.She is an avid birdwatcher, loves traveling a lot and she has visited over 15 countries so far.
She has seen more than 1200 species in different countries of the world. Majority of them have been seen in India
She has seen almost 1100 and she is the youngest lady in India to do so.

She also a degree in Painting, and she is also trained in 5 forms of  Indian classical dances . She says her soul is an explorer, an adventurer and she has a major case of wanderlust!!

Sudeshna Dey
Avid Birdwatcher, 
Hyderabad (India)

Yifan Li

Yifan Li, husband, birder, herper, conservationist, co-founder of Zigong Bird Watching Society
& Yiqu Nature Conservation Centre, diving instructor, assessor of Natural 
World Heritages & National Parks of China, collaborator of New Field Guide to the Birds of 

Yifan Li

Shantanu Dey

A nature enthusiast,Shantanu loves photographing fauna from different parts of India, Shantanu
is one of the conveners of the Big Butterfly Month, India's largest biodiversity event. A man who is an eternal learner, loves the wild areas where he can docuement the fauna there.
Approached by many youngsters approach him for his vast knowledge for shorewalking in the intertidal zone of Western India. Shantanu is exposed to a lot of experts in the field


Shantanu Dey Insects expert

Kallol Mukherjee

Kallol is an ardent admirer of nature and a wildlife photographer by passion. Apart from bird photography Kallol enjoys getting lost in the wilderness with his camera gear. Born and brought up in the serenity of a countryside home in West Bengal gave this spirited, jovial guy ample scope to observe and feel nature palpably. Fascinated with the fiesta of colours he started photography almost 11 years ago shooting photos of birds in his backyard.

Capturing the true essence of nature in its varieted forms has always been his forte. He believes in telling stories through his images. His venture in this realm of photography has brought him various national and international acclamations. Many of his unique and outstanding frames have been exhibited and also published in different magazines worldwide.

He believes his journey has just started and many more frames are yet to be captured. Nowadays he is busy with his experiments with different angles creating visual impact. His ultimite goal is that his images might work as a catalyst to spread awareness among people about the importance of the conservation of nature and its inmates.